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Laptop’s faulty power switch
Fantastic service – my laptop’s faulty power switch was replaced within a couple of days. Very reasonable cost – Multilink System provided great service. Will definitely recommend this PC repair service to others.
– Nimesh Mahajan
My desktop brought back to life
“My desktop brought back to life, replaced the Hard Drive with a new one, recovered old files from the faulty hard drive at very low costs. The job was well done with all expertise. I will recommend that anybody with any PC problems, should go to ‘Multilink System’……! What more? Thanks to them.”
– Mr. Pawan Raut
Laptop screen cracked
“Absoulutely Fabulous service!! My daughter’s laptop screen cracked, not surprisingly, after she put her foot on it getting out of bed!!!! I delivered the laptop to Multilink System at 1pm on a day and I was able to collect it at 7pm, fully repaired and in perfect working order. Thank you. I will be recommending you wherever I can!!!”
– Mr. Chetan P.
DC Power Socket Replacement
“When owning a laptop I have been constantly worried about it going wrong. With a desktop PC I am quite comfortable exchanging parts and keeping it ticking over but a laptop is another matter. Recently my laptop power adapter broke and I searched around trying to find someone who was a) reliable and b) not too expensive. I went to Multilink System. The service was fantastic and through the whole process I never doubted that my laptop was in the best possible hands. I now am no longer so anxious about the laptop going wrong as I know there is a place I can trust to repair it.”
– Mohan Bhatt
Blue Screen Problem in my Computer
“After many weeks of blue screens and visits to repair shops, my friend recommended Multilink System. They succeeded where all else failed. I now have a fast and reliable PC. Many thanks.
– Sachin Deshmukh
Power Supply Replacement
FAULT: Power Supply making a high-pitched whine when switched off (indicating damaged components), and a dead fan, resulting in a non-cooled & constantly overheated unit. REPAIR: Power Supply Replacement & optional RAM Upgrade. “I must say that the service provided is second to none! Correct diagnosis and promptly fixed … very economical … and what else to say apart from thank you very much Multilink System. You have fixed my PC and I must tell others where to look for help when fixing their own PC.”
– Milind W. Ramteke

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